We Believe in Sonoma County

Airing on all of Sonoma County's locally owned radio stations!

We Believe in Sonoma County is an unprecedented, high profile, intimate, CSR campaign (Corporate Social Responsibility campaign) where local, community-minded businesses tell rich, memorable stories from their favorite local nonprofits. Here's an example. Listen in!

We Believe in Sonoma County will spotlight precisely how our local non-profits and companies work together to strengthen our community. Studies have shown “simply having a CSR program in place isn't enough. ‘Proving purpose’ is the new mantra for effective CSR.”

Together with the on air contribution of Redwood Empire Stereocasters, owner of all four locally owned Sonoma County radio stations, We Believe in Sonoma County will do what local radio does best, tell a story that will connect emotionally, relevantly, meaningfully and memorably with Sonoma County residents.

We Believe in Sonoma County sponsorship is on a first-come-first-served basis. We invite your participation.

Contact Coordinator Karen Orlando at 707/284-9116 or

We Believe in Sonoma County Corporate Sponsors

Visiting Angels exchange bank freidmans Kaiser THRIVE St. Joseph Health Systems

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