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Canaan Smith

KBBL The BULL Commercial Production

We are proud to offer KZST advertisers the most professional and effective commercials available north of the Golden Gate. Production Director , armed with literally thousands of voices around the country, and a "state of the art" editing suite, creates the most ear-resistable commercials you have ever heard!

Market strategies, creative direction, copyright, and sound production are all services normally bundled with the advertising investment clients make in our station. We only charge for these services when you request an outside voice, or when the commercials we create are used on other radio stations.

To produce entertaining commercials that break through the clutter and present a well targeted and effective message, requires the deft hand of a true artist. We blend words, sound effects, voice, and music to create a sixty-second commercial that inevitably compels the listener to remember, and then respond!

After an advertising schedule has been designed, our first step is to define our customer's creative needs. We can do that in an hour. We then draft several commercials for customer review. With feedback from our customer, we then craft the final commercial. Although we have been known to complete the entire cycle in hours, we prefer around 7-10 days.

If you'd like a sample of our work, just e-mail us ( ) with your address and we'll send you a sampler of our work.

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